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The Benefits Of Granite, Marble & Natural Stone

Posted on by J&A Memorials

When it comes to choosing a stone for a memorial, the choices are usually between granite, marble and natural stone. Understanding the benefits of each type of stone will allow you to make an informed decision. At J&A Memorials, we offer different types of headstones and memorials made from granite, marble and natural stone; and it is our endeavour to help our customers make the right choice. Continue reading →


Struggling For Headstone & Memorial Design Ideas?

Posted on by J&A Memorials

When it comes to headstone and memorial design, many people look for a design that is personable and reflective. Here at J&A Memorials, we can recall on over 25 years’ experience in handcrafting headstones, gravestones and memorials out of some of the finest natural stone materials around.
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How To Maintain A Gravestone

Posted on by J&A Memorials

Graveyards and cemeteries are renowned for their weathered and aged appearance. Gravestones covered in moss and mould are not uncommon and, overtime, inscriptions and markings can become worn and unreadable.

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