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The Benefits Of Granite, Marble & Natural Stone

Posted on by J&A Memorials

When it comes to choosing a stone for a memorial, the choices are usually between granite, marble and natural stone. Understanding the benefits of each type of stone will allow you to make an informed decision. At J&A Memorials, we offer different types of headstones and memorials made from granite, marble and natural stone; and it is our endeavour to help our customers make the right choice.


Granite is the most commonly used material for memorials and headstones. There are many benefits to having a granite memorial, here are just a few:

• It is renowned for its durability and is extremely long-lasting. Even after years of being exposed to outside elements, it retains its integrity and original form.

• Although a hard stone, granite can be etched, sandblasted, carved and polished.

• It is a beautiful looking rock and some types come with flecks of grey, blue and green, depending on the minerals present in the stone.

• It can be carved into a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a person’s budget.


The beauty of marble also makes it an extremely popular choice for memorials and headstones. Marble has its own characteristics that set it apart from granite and natural stone as well as its own set of benefits:

• It is softer than granite, hence, it can be easily carved into intricate and detailed designs.

• There are many colour options to choose from when it comes to marble white is not the only option, there are a plethora of shades to choose from.

• Just like granite, marble is durable and long-lasting, though not as durable as granite.

Natural Stone

The most common types of natural stones in the UK include Nabresina, York, Purbeck and Portland varieties. These are porous stones and are extremely versatile.

• Using natural stone for memorials means having a unique headstone, since no two natural stones are alike.

• Natural stone comes in a variety of colours, textures and patterns that are visually appealing.

• The softness of the stone allows endless design possibilities, enabling people to create aesthetically beautiful memorials and headstones.

• It is durable and lasts a long time.

Whether you are looking for granite, marble or a natural stone memorial, you can contact us to create the perfect memorial for your loved one, based on your choice of stone, budget and design. You can be rest assured that with J&A Memorials, your recently deceased love one will get the memorial he or she deserves to keep their treasured memories alive for a long time.

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